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The Multi-Use Trail provides ATV visitors with spectacular scenery, while also providing four seasons of trail access and recreation. A spur which extends the trail into downtown Millinocket offers riders access to restaurants, lodging, gas, groceries and banks. Vehicle parking for ATV trail access is permitted at the Northern Timber Cruisers Clubhouse on the Millinocket Lake Road just west of Millinocket and the State of Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands Seboeis Unit Southwest of Millinocket, only. 

K.R.M.U.T. is managed by the Northern Timber Cruisers Club in cooperation with landowner Katahdin Forest Management. 

Northern Timber Cruisers wishes to communicate the permitted uses of the Katahdin Region Multi-Use Trail as well as the timing of the various types of use over the course of the year in order to promote an enjoyable experience for all users of the trail and to adhere to its permit with the landowner, Katahdin Forest Management. 

S O U T H E R N A R O O S T O O K ATV Trails 

Patten ATV Club is an all-volunteer non-profit organization located in Patten, Maine. The Club’s mission is to maintain trails in the Greater Patten Area. 

Patten ATV Club strives to be a family oriented club. Since their inception in 2010, their membership has steadlily increased and about 100 landowners have granted the club permission to utilize their land for their trail systems. 

They have connections with several local clubs in the surrounding area, including the Katahdin Valley Wheelers, Island Falls Freewheelers and Knowles Corner Wheelers which adds hundreds of miles of riding! 


Patten ATV Club has a hundred plus miles of readily accessible side-by-side trails, with plans to start a new trail soon. Currently, their ATV trails travel through: Patten, Mount Chase, Moro, Hersey, Crystal and Stacyville. 

Club trail systems connect to many local supporting businesses. There are gas stations, restaurants and lodging nearby, conveniently marked on the trails. 

Their Park & Ride is located on Route 159/Shin Pond Road on the right-hand side before Peavey Brook. 

The Multi-Use Trail is open to both non-motorized and motorized use under the following rules

Enjoy and share the trail! Different users will be travelling at different speeds. 

Show respect to other trail users and practice good land use ethics. 

Motorized users must yield to non-motorized users. 

Slower traffic: stay to the right side of the trail. Faster travelers should alert the user they are passing and then pass on the left only when the trail is clear and the slower travelers are aware of your presence and intent to pass. 

Permitted non-motorized use includes, but is not limited to: walking, hiking, bicycling, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and skiing. 

Permitted motorized vehicle use includes those vehicles legally registered as snowmobiles in the winter. Vehicles legally registered as ATVs are permitted in the non-snow season. 

Not permitted: Vehicles registered or built for on-road use such as cars, trucks, jeeps and motorcycles. Other vehicles such as golf carts, scooters/mopeds must be registered as an ATV. Horses are not permitted. 

Racing or other high speed travel is not permitted. Maximum speed is 25 mph. 


After snowfall the trail is open for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dog sledding, skiing, and hiking. No ATVs or bicycles. 

The trail will be closed during mud season when soils are saturated and the trail is soft regardless of whether ‘Trail Closed’ signs are in place or not. Mud season is usually April and early May, sometimes June and November. Only pedestrian use is permitted during mud seasons. 

Sections of the trail may be closed periodically due to maintenance, construction or special events. 

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