Difficulty:  Difficult/Strenuous  Distance:  8.9 miles total with shorter less strenuous trails  Time: ½ to a full day

Gulf Hagas is known as “The Grand Canyon of Maine” and provides hikers with numerous, beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking views of the gulf, the Pleasant River, rapids, old growth pine and more. The gorge measures 4 miles long with 300-400 foot high slate walls. This 8.5-mile loop trail begins with a river crossing into Screwauger Falls and includes views of waterfalls, chutes and pools. 

If you have young children or are a new hiker, it is possible to hike 4 miles in from the lower end of the Gulf to see Screw Auger Falls or hike 3 miles from the Upper Gulf Parking area to see Stair and Billing Falls.  Bring a daypack, proper footwear, water, food and a map.  Leashed dogs are welcome.


The entrance into Gulf Hagas is located on RT. 11 South from Millinocket approximately 25 miles to the Katahdin Iron Works road and checkpoint. There is a fee at the checkpoint along with information and maps. This beautiful trail system can be accessed via three access routes. One option utilizes the Appalachian Trail as an approach. This trail starts from the Gulf Hagas Parking Area on the KI Road  and is followed as far as Gulf Hagas Brook, a tributary to the Pleasant River. At this point the Gulf Hagas loop trails, 5.2 miles in length. The entire round trip is 8.9 miles with considerable rugged climbing along the rim of the Gulf. Visitors should be prepared for the exertion required to complete the loop trip.

If you start from the Guld Hagas Parking Area you will ford the Pleasant River for about 150 feet in knee or thigh deep water in order to continue on the trail. Another option is to drive to the Hay Brook parking area which does not require wading across the Pleasant River. The third option is to drive to the Upper Gulf Parking area and follow the marked trail into the head of the Gulf. The loop Trail can also be done from this end of the gorge.

For more information, visit www.northmainewoods.org.

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